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1. Why should we do business with Shyam Electronics?

We are for all of your printer cartridge requirements! Our personnel experience of over 16 years in the industry. We use premium grade inks, toners and replacement parts for every cartridge.

2. Is there a drawback to using a refilled cartridge?

Not at all! There is no difference in the print quality after the cartridge is refilled.

3. Are your inks as good as the original inks?

We use superior inks that have the same chemical and physical properties as the original inks.

4. How long time does it take you to refill inkjet cartridge?

Typically it takes between 5 and 10 minutes. All cartridges are fully tested after refill.

5. Can I have my cartridge refilled with any refill ink?

we work with many different ink-types, and we analyze and test new ones as they come to market and incorrect ink-type can damage or destroy your cartridge. Not all cartridges use the same kind of ink. In fact, most OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) use a multiple ink-type product line.

6. Why does ink leak from nozzles after refilling?

The pressure in the cartridge may not have been fully balanced due to air trapped inside. This could be due to the deteriorated condition of the print head nozzles or the cartridge itself.

7. Do you guarantee your product?

All our products and services are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will act quickly to ensure your satisfaction.

8. Still Do you have any query?

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